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SDS 4.0 hallókészülék power dome S - 10 darab

3000 Ft





The Phonak power dome (Sound Delivery System 4.0) is a bell that fits Phonak Marvel hearing aids. The bell is located inside the ear canal and helps ensure optimal sound quality. The bell should be replaced every four weeks or when it becomes stiff. Wipe the bell daily with a cloth to keep it in its original condition for a longer period of time. A pack contains 10 pieces.
Thanks to the closed design of the power dome, it is able to amplify sounds to a large extent, which is why power dome bells are especially ideal for high-severe hearing loss. The Phonak power dome is available in 3 sizes.
This is the S size.
- S: 6 mm 
- M: 8 mm
- L: 10 mm
This dome is for Phonak Marvel type hearing aids only. If you are not sure what type and size of dome you need, consult your audiologist before ordering! Improperly ordered domes cannot be guaranteed. For hygienic reasons, we are unable to take back an incorrectly ordered and disassembled package.